In the business world, it is the prepared company that weathers and survives changes in the field or market. The prepared company covers the bases from staffing to management to staying up on relevant trends. These companies also have a sound emergency plan.

One of the most damaging events a company can experience is data loss. Without a solid backup solution, small businesses can be irreparably damaged by such an event. Knowing that lost information means slowed or halted production, why would you not invest in a backup service?

Insuring against damaged or misplaced files can benefit you in the long run. By protecting your files, you are preventing a setback due to losing data. The money you spend protecting your information works for you in the event of a disaster and keeps your interests secure and profitable.

All over the globe, natural disasters are taking their toll on various countries. An important part of the recovery process is bringing the businesses back to the devastated area. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to fully recover themselves because the event has wiped out their important files.

In cases such as these, it is smart business to have a functional backup solution. You may feel that offsite paper data storage is a safe option. However, the paper is susceptible to many forms of damage. Additionally, if a catastrophe is widespread, your documents are still at risk.

Online backup service

There is another option to offsite storage: subscribing to an online backup service. By selecting such services, your important data is doubly safe. Not only is it offsite and protected from local disasters like fire and theft, but your information is also online.

Instead of wading through heaps of paper when you want specific data, you simply log on to a computer with an Internet connection to remotely access your secure documents.

With the online backup service, you are given twenty-four hour, seven days a week access to your materials. They are secured with a username and password, stored offsite and encrypted until you are ready for them.

The backup solution, after initial installation, offers you many things: protection from disaster (natural and manmade), tampering, loss of data due to human error and SOX or HIPPA regulation violations.

More than big business, small businesses require intelligent backup solutions because data loss could result in detrimental loss of business. Backing up those necessary files with an online service can be the difference between success and failure.

Offsite backup

Offsite backup benefits your company in case of an audit, investigation or even an internal review. You can have access to every file you have generated as well as several previous versions.

Our technological society has also created the necessity to save and store records of transactions, expenditures and business decisions. With so many different tasks taking place daily, it is necessary to employ a cost-effective backup solution.