Various forms of files have become crucial to the modern man - one file can hold so many treasures, especially at a future date. Its importance usually does not appear immediately; however, this length is also what makes backing it up to necessary because there are unprecedented things that might happen such as infiltration of a virus into the computer which may have resulted in the disappearance of the files or the accidental deletion. All these are possible, although, there are others who see this as far fetched.

A good solution for this problem has cloud backup at your side.

The cloud backup system is the safest because it uses off-site external servers that encrypt your files for security keeping hackers out. With the start-up shuttle and DR shuttle service you can transfer large amounts of data that would be impossible with online backup stored on unreliable tapes.

Offer you improved protection for your data:

First of all, cloud backup services offer you improved protection for your data, ensuring that all data is recoverable. This is possible due to advanced encryption and security technologies that lay at the basis of cloud-based data backup. As small or even medium-sized businesses don't have a rich IT budget.


Affordability is important to them, and cloud services provide very low total cost of ownership. Cloud storage and backup are highly affordable, and subscription prices are usually for full year lengths, which mean expense predictability, another important advantage for small to medium size companies. 

Ease of using the services:

Another important benefit of cloud services is represented by the ease of use, as such services offer anytime, anywhere type of access. Furthermore, with cloud-based data, you will be able to enjoy user-friendly interfaces and easy to use web based management systems. Minimal maintenance is necessary for those devices that are used for data synchronization to the cloud. Due to this great convenience, cloud-based solutions are fast to implement, which is yet another important advantage. In a matter of minutes, a business can enjoy deployment of data and simple setup and configuration. Ongoing management is not the only aspect that offers such a convenience, as the restoration process is also very simple.

High level of flexibility. 

The most important benefit of cloud backup is perhaps its high level of flexibility. As businesses grow or experience decreases, their IT needs change, but cloud based storage are highly scalable and can increase or decrease their capacity fast and easy, depending on your exact needs. If you resort to cloud services, you will also be able to save money on energy, as you won't require large server rooms and power consumption. Clouds are perfect for businesses with green IT initiatives.

The bottom line is that cloud-based backup services are automatic, simple and cheap, presenting increased protection for business data, all the advantages that any company would want from a backup service. It is an alternative worth considering for small to medium sized companies.